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Novelty vodkas for a lovelylady

A while back I tried to make Haribo gold bears vodka. Unfortunately I misjudged the amount of gold bears I should put in there, by quite a lot and ended up with a bottle of hugely swollen and distorted gummi bears looking at me reproachfully. I tried stirring – impossible. So to mix it up and loosen it a little I used a BBQ skewer – it was just gloop.

Not long after we had a party, and showed our friends this horror. One, F, seemed delighted and fascinated. She managed to pour some of this sludgy brightly coloured mixture into a glass and slurped it down (you couldn’t drink it!). In fact, she ended up finishing the entire bottle and has often mentioned it since.

F is getting married soon, and I am privileged to be throwing her a “pamper party” in July. We’re booking someone from BodyShop to some and spoil her, we’ll have food and drinks, one of the ladies attending is offering massages, others are baking cakes, I am hoping some of them will show me how they make their nails so amazing – proper pampering and silliness.

I am also making her another bottle of Haribo Vodka Gloop. This time, using Haribo’s “Hearts and Rings” pack, filing the bottle 2/3rds full with them and then adding the vodka. I even layered the colours for extra prettiness. This bottle will be just for F. Who is an amazing lady, incredibly talented craftswoman and dear friend to many 🙂




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