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Last night, being cold, grey and icky in general I decided instead of comfort food I would go for comfort candle. I’d ordered a set of the lovely Steampunk Themed Candles from The Eternal Magpie and had been happily sniffing away at them for a few days, but decided to sacrifice one.
There are 5 scented tealights in the set, and they burn for ages because they are soya wax, which also means they are vegan and don’t have any interfering smells. My thoughts on sniffing, rather then the smell while burning, on each:
Lure of the Kraken – so fresh, not quite tropical but definitely distant seas. Slight watermelon to it? Absolutely lovely delicate smell which I intend to save for a spring or summer day
Cherry Bakewell – exactly what it says on the tin! Sweet almondy smell with cherry coming through, it smells like home baking.
Hot Tea and Crumpets – smells or warmth, comfort, and watching favourite films in your pyjamas 🙂 Lovely comforting smell
Sweet English Rose – I love rose smells, but am really fussy about them. Too often they are either fake or cloying, and I tend to go for Moroccan rose as it tends to be less of either. This one is delicious, however. Fresh, like roses in spring after rain. Another one to save for later in the year!
Arabian Nights was the last one – spicy and dark and sensual. Very sexy, as candles go 🙂 I am planning to save it for Empire LRP and have it on in my tent there

So last night was a Tea and Crumpets night, and I had it burning by my desk while I answered emails and played WoW. It’s a more delicate smell when it burns (which is a good thing, I hate overwhelming candles!) but you could definitely smell a sweet, almost butterscotchy smell with toast as well. Absolutely scrummy. One I might get in a full size for those grey winter days or cold winter nights!



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